Through the Years – Errol Linton – 1999

Errol Linton

Errol Linton

Errol Linton – from Danny Mullans 1999 to the BBC 2012 !!  Anyone else remember this gig ?  The end of a long Sunday…I was sat front right near the stage, it was absolutely BUNGED, and Errol was BRILLIANT !!   Any other memories from 1999 ? Get posting below folks, and email your photos to


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  1. Allan Nicholl says:

    I was sat next to you – great days. He had a wooden carved mask – some West African, could have been voodoo, type of thing he used for a gimmic – its on the cover of his album at that time “Vibing It” – which I still have and listen too.

  2. Allan Nicholl says:

    Here’s the audio of a reggaefied/dub cover of Howlin’ Wolf’s “Howlin’ For My Darling”

  3. Niall Millar says:

    Schweeeet !