Valentines Ball Gallery

blacktieWell, just over a week ago, we had our inaugural Danny Boy Jazz and Blues Valentines Ball. The turnout was fantastic and the food, music and surroundings ensured a great night was had by all.

A few of you stopped on the way in to have photos taken in the most glamorous of attire so for those who did, have a look through the gallery below for the spectacular results 🙂

As you know, funding for the festival will be even more challenging this year and the proceeds from the Valentines Ball will help greatly to ensure we continue to host such a great event in 2015 as per the last 18 years. Please be assured that every single penny of funds raised will get poured back into the running of the Jazz & Blues festival.

If you would like to obtain a full sized copy without the logo, we would like to oblige … in exchange for a small fee. Again, all of the funds received will be put back into the festival to enrich the act list for this, the 19th running of the Danny Boy Jazz & Blues festival. Visit our online shop to purchase.

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Visit our online shop to purchase.

7 Responses

  1. Class pics, class night!

  2. Lisa Bloomfield Shaun Bloomfield

  3. Brilliant night! Kerrie x

  4. Lynn Barbour Libbie Black – lovely photos of you and yours on this link x

  5. Must have a look all excited hope your feeling better baby xoxoxox

  6. christina mc nicholl says:

    Had a fantastic night lets hope there will be another one soon.

  7. Rick Swann says:

    Heard it was a great night!