Queen of the Glens

Rory Clements and award winning singer/songwriter Errol Walsh met up a few years back when piano player Rory, who lives and works in Limavady, booked Errol for a solo show at the festival. Errol’s been a regular visitor to the festival since then.

Rory Clements - Limavady

Rory Clements – Limavady

Errol Walsh

Errol Walsh – Glenariff

Things got a little more interesting for the two when Errol’s band “The Real Deal” opened the festival at the Roe Valley Arts Centre a couple of years later and Rory sat in on keyboards…. post gig conversation turned to song-writing and Rory played Errol some stuff he’d written….mutual admiration was duly expressed and the two started writing together via the internet with Rory mailing tunes and Errol supplying lyrics !

Rory played Errol a beautiful piano tune which he had written which inspired Errol to write lyrics about Glenariff where Errol currently lives in the Glens of Antrim. The song was called “Queen of the Glens” and was recorded in Coleraine, Maghera and Donegal. It was sung by a friend of Errol’s called Donna Murray with her husband Joe on bass guitar and harmonies, Rory on keyboards, Ted Ponsonby on dobro and Errol on guitar.

Take a listen to the “Queen of the Glens” below…now available on the Festival YouTube Channel

Glenariff Glen – photo courtesy of Andrew Gilmore.

2 Responses

  1. Bill cheney. says:

    Rory beautiful music, would give up dixieland tomorrow to play that kind of music again. no kidding.

  2. Jon S. says:

    Beautiful melody. . Really good song . . Lovely performance. . We’ll play an instrumental version at our next gig.