Howdy Jazz’n’Blues fans 👍😍, how are we all copin’ ?

So a brief update from J&B HQ – as you will have suspected by now, we will have to POSTPONE this year’s festival, but we are NOT CANCELLING just yet 💪💪💪

Once things are looking better for us all, and we get confirmation that current COVID19 restrictions can be lifted, we will check in with our artists, venues and sponsors to get our budget and logistics re-planned before we can make any announcements on revised dates 🤓.

But rest assured, we are going to try our darned-est to bring you a 24th Festival at some stage this year. We reckon you’ll all deserve a few good music-filled nights out 😁🍻🍹🎵🎵

Until then, stay tuned and support our local musicians with your 💲💲💲 for those that are live-streaming their gigs.

Any musicians who fancy a social media share for your gigs, just tag us on your posts and we’ll be happy to re-post 👏👏👏