Harry Connolly Band

Now here’s a treat – Harry Connolly & Friends.  One of the original musicians of the Cork Jazz Festival, coming to Limavady with his hugely talented band for 2 highly anticipated gigs.

Tenor Vocal & Flute : Harry Connolly has been a Jazz Musician for over 40 years and his love of the music is evident from the get go on stage.  Plays and sings all the jazz standards – at home with the likes of Getz, Coltrane, Desmond, Ella, Frankie, Bennet – to name a few.  Harry has played all over the world at various festivals in Norway, Europe, UK & Ireland, and is looking forward to a great weekend in Limavady, at our 21st Festival.

Trumpet : George Hasson is a long standing member of “Harry and Friends”, having play with the band at festivals all over the UK and Europe.  George has worked with Louis Stewart, Richie Buckley, Mike Nielsen, Gay McIntyre,  and has brought his unique style of trumpet playing to Festival’s in the USA and Canada, as well as living and playing in Spain and Germany.

Drums : James Anderson is a drummer and composer from Co. Armagh.  Playing and writing music from an early age on piano, drums and anything rhythmical, James continues to spin various plates as well as provide many bands with backbone grooves, percussion and musical colouring in an original fashion.  Recent projects include a Seamus Heaney musical and poetry tribute.

Guitar / Trumpet / Banjo / Vocal : Ian Date has been a professional guitarist since 1975 when he started playing in rock bands on the coast of NSW Australia. In 1980 he switched his focus to playing jazz, and since then has played at festivals, gigs and concerts all over the world from such diverse places as the Sydney Opera House, to bars of Co Cork, to the jungles of Papua New Guinea, to the Lava fields of Iceland and to the gypsy camps of Europe !   He has recorded on more than 70 albums either as a sideman or a leader, and has written music for stage and screen. Ian also plays trumpet, banjo and sings.

Bass / Flute / Vocal : Bryan Hyland’s musical career has taken him to France, Germany, Canada, Norway, the U.K. and Northern Ireland.  Dublin-born, Cork-resident Brian Hyland has had the honour of playing with some of the best musicians around.  As a bass player Brian is renowned for his swinging, no-nonsense style.

Don’t miss these guys visiting the Roe Valley, performing 10th & 11th June 2017.