Danny Boy – your festival program awaits!

dbjablogoWell, the acts are booked and the schedule is now ready and available to review (subject to any last minute forced amendments of course 🙂 ) for this the 19th running of the Danny Boy Jazz and Blues festival.

The printed schedule is being compiled and readied for the printers, but you can access the full timetable right here. It’s also accessible by clicking on the “Festival 2015” menu link, and then clicking on the “Schedule” sub-menu.

We also like to make you aware of some of the new features available with the online timetable.


All 0f the events have been categorized by day, by venue and by musical genre. This latter category helps identify acts that specialize in either blues or jazz, but also identifies cross-over acts (as some artists sit in both categories). Additionally there is an ‘Alternative’ genre which covers acts who stray from either of these two primary musical flavors. We have also included a category called “Beyond The Music” for events that are not specific to the musical side of the festival, the Jazz Picnic for example.

When you click on the Category option (category) at the top of the schedule, you can select one or more of the options in the list. The schedule will refresh each time listing only events that meet the criteria selected. So for example, clicking on “Day : Saturday” will list acts that are playing on the Saturday. Before opting for another category filter, you may want to click on the existing selection to de-select it before choosing another category. Otherwise the schedule will update to show you any acts that meet either category.


ViewsThe calendar is available in several different formats when looking online. Posterboard is the default when looking at it via your PC, Stream is the default from a mobile device but you can select the available alternatives as you so wish.


You can now also download the schedule to a calendar on your PC and/or your mobile device. This means you can easily carry an electronic copy of the schedule with you and get alerted when your favorite acts are about to begin. The downloaded calendar will of course tell you when and where. It should also (depending on your own local settings) keep up todate automatically with any changes we might be forced to make.

The “Subscribe” option is available at the foot of the Schedule page and looks like this: Subscribe. If viewing from you mobile device, it may simply look like: Subscribe2

When selected, a list of supported calendar types is presented.Calendar Shown here on the right.

Simply select the one that matches your own calendar (Apple and Google being the most common) and follow the prompts. When you accept the calendar request on your PC or mobile device, the events will be accessible through the Calendar app on your mobile device, or through your browser or Mail/Calendar client.

We welcome any and all feedback on these new options so please get in touch if it works well, and of course if we can make further improvements.

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