Blue Piano Learning


Blue Piano Learning specialises in delivering songwriting programs in schools and the community. The schools program is called, “Sing Your Own Song”. The program for adults and professionals is called “Let’s Sing About it”.

These workshops are unique in that they separate the creativity and the craft. These lessons bear no resemblance to other writing, craft or art classes. In fact, what we do is separate the creativity and the craft thereby bringing simplicity to the process. It’s all creativity and no craft. When we work with nine years olds they have no craft. They’re not trained singers or musicians but they connect with the creativity and write, not good but great songs.

It doesn’t matter if you are the best singer or musician in the world you will never write a song until you separate the craft and the creativity. Songwriting is not only quite different to other art forms but really misunderstood, as will be revealed on the program.

The only criteria needed to come on these workshops is that you want to find out more about songwriting and you would love to write songs. Also, for the professional you can learn to write better songs. No musical ability is required but equally anyone who is a musician or a songwriter will also benefit greatly.

Musical Conversations by Richard Abbott is written in support of these workshops and is available in your local library. Also available on Amazon and Kindle.

For information or interest in attending a workshop contact:-
Richard Abbott at Blue Piano Learning.
Call:- Limavady 02877722059 or Moblie;- 07767051693.