Are you “with the band” ?!


Are you with the band ?  As everyone knows…if you’re with the band…you don’t pay to get in…!  Gain free admittance to all Danny Boy Jazz & Blues Festival events by wearing our Festival wristbands.

Wristbands will be on sale throughout the Festival through our “on the ground” sales team…don’t worry you’ll know them when you seen them…!

But be warned, you will be asked to show your wrist bands in random checks as proof of identity.

Now, what with the warm weather recently, and on the basis that “there’s always one”, here’s some clarification to avoid bewilderment :-

  1. All Festival gigs are free admittance, with the only exception of the RVACC ticket-only events
  2. All funds raised by sales of wristbands go straight towards helping to pay of all the fabulous artists appeaaring throughout the Festival
  3. You won’t be chucked out if you’re not wearing one !
  4. Don’t forget to purchase a few for friends & family…
  5. It’s a bit of craic, so make sure you are “with the band” !

And Thank You for your support !