8 days until all revs up for 2015 festival

8daysThe countdown continues with only 8 days now until the launch of Limavady’s own Danny Boy Jazz & Blues festival 2015.

We’ve highlighted the Jazz and the Blues over the last few days, but what about those who are looking for something just a little bit different?

Well, straight from the off we have a taste of country with both John Francis O’Meagher and Rackhouse Pilfer in the RVACC. Add to that some pop, funk and soul in the mix with Portabello, some boogie-woogie with Gavin Povey and some rock by The Troublesome Bucks. There really should be something for everyone at the 19th Danny Boy Jazz and Blues festival.

Look here for more information on what else might strain or break the Jazz & Blues mold over the weekend.