‘Slowhand’ & Danny Boy

eric-clapton_beano There have been many versions of ‘Danny Boy’ over the years, and we have shared a few with you already. Here is a beautiful instrumental version of the song played by ole ‘slowhand’ himself, Mr Eric Clapton. Enjoy!

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  1. tricia says:

    I saw Eric play this in Leeds last year (2014~)…moved me to tears…..

  2. Saw him play this in Leeds last year…. moved me to tears!!!

  3. After another long, hard day in the office this was pure bliss. I thought I had heard Danny Boy too often, silly me.

  4. Wonderful, isn’t it!! I have some very good friends in Limavady and there even existed (once!!) a pic of my good self standing underneath a plaque commemorating the birthplace of the writer of ‘Danny Boy’ (who I think I remember was Scottish!!)…. I just love this place…..

  5. How wonderful for you to know both the place and hear the music, no wonder it moved you to tears. I hugely enjoyed listening to EC at the NEC a few years ago, he is the guitar player par excellence in my book but I have just searched all his titles on SONOS so that I could play this frequently and I cannot find it. Will have to put someone more persistent on the hunt for me.

  6. Um…..not saying they will have it, but try goldenmp3.ru

  7. god luck!!! Or….. what about messaging this page??? (the Limavady one)…they must have got it from somewhere!!

  8. Clyde Hunt says:

    We found this little gem on YouTube

  9. Clyde Hunt says:

    Check out our article on ‘About Danny Boy’ – Spoiler alert, Jane Ross did originate from Scotland 🙂