The Daylight Wobblies


A high octane, mostly ‘unplugged’ jam session from some of the North West’s top musicians, featuring guitar, bass, drums, piano, organ, harmonica and mandolin from former and current members of the Mudskippers, Graffiti Limbo, the Willie Byrne Band, Stray and others. These guys don’t take themselves too seriously and who knows what could happen or who might turn up to play !

Come along and enjoy the fun, or the music, or the fun and the music with The Daylight Wobblies !

Current wobblies – in order of handsomeness – but we’re not saying whether that’s ascending order or descending order – best to come down and see for yourself…

  • Sir Donald Craig – Vocals, Guitar, Harmonica
  • Sir Pat Muldowney – Guitar, Mandolin, Vocals
  • Sir Rory Clements – Keyboards
  • Sir George Kelly – Bass, Guitar, Vocals
  • Sir Roger Patterson – Drums