Take three fine female voices, add the class of The Supremes, the funk of James Brown, the soul of Aretha, and a slice of now. Blend with brass and rhythm sections drawn from Northern Ireland’s hottest musical talent; and what you have is the sweet sound of Manukahunney.


It’s a sound driven by the special vocal blend created by singers Siobhan Brown, Jean Michelo and Ciara Mackey. London-born sisters Jean and Siobhan attribute their vocal prowess to years steeped in gospel music, while Ciara with her powerful vocal range is well respected in the music scene in Belfast.

Onstage, the fusion of musical traditions results in a potent mix of energy, earnestness and the smoothest of vocal harmonies that simmers and sails over tasty vibes cooked up by the sizzling backing musicians.

It’s live, it’s funky, it’s fun. Taste and see…

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